Jean-Yves Pizzini

Premium Factory



Président Fondateur & Directeur de Premium Factory

Présentation de Premium Factory

The future is now!

In 2018, a new challenge and a new era begins with the creation of the Premium Factory company, through which I will develop new concepts and offer products and services even more adapted to our time. My experience gained throughout these years to clear the Special Effects sector, to bring many technical solutions that are now taken by a whole profession that almost did not exist 20 years ago, doing this in an extremely fast moving world from crisis to crisis, it’s a path that has not been easy, but it has given me strength and maturity that allows me today to continue with great serenity.

My history:

After having worked for many years in the audiovisual field on the artistic, commercial or technical side, I was create Universal Effects brand name and design all range of many hundred products since year 2001 to 2017.

Along this term, I develloped many knowledge in the Artistic & Technical design and also in the management of Special Projects around field of Special Effects with a lot off technical interactivity to Light, Sound and Video. I was directed more than 20 projects often in very different context and domains. It was really rewarding!

All these experiences allow me to be able to manage the sale, the logistic of delivery, the installation on site and all technical requirements from the customer. I am passionate about this work consisting create design, find technicals solutions using the latest technologies, of course reliable and in the control of the cost, to give emotion at the audience and reach the target of the customer. In 20 years, I acquired a global vision of job for a realist and performing result!

You can discover in the SFX Designer brochure and on the website all projects I has managed since 2009 all over the world with differents fine teams and organisations.